Flying, diving, and turning with the Arwing and other vehicles can all be performed with ease using the Nintendo 3DS system's Circle Pad.

Gyro Controls For a more immersive experience, opt for
Gyro controls to enjoy some seriously precise flying by physically moving your Nintendo 3DS system.

The awesome multiplayer in Star Fox 64 3D lets up to four players engage in action-packed VS battles with a variety of modes and features.

Four players + just one game card = full multiplayer action.

Three modes of play: Survival, Point Battle & Time Battle

New power-ups add an exciting dimension to every battle

• Face off against your friends! See a live video display of your friends faces as you battle.

In Score Attack mode, you can test your skills in any completed stage. Sharp shooting skill and a heavy trigger finger are required to down the number of foes needed to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal.