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Fox McCloud

Son of James McCloud and current Star Fox team leader, Fox is an ace pilot with masterful control of his Arwing and a sharpshooter of the highest order.

We're heading out. All aircraft, report!

Slippy Toad

An essential but inexperienced member of the Star Fox team, Slippy tends to get himself in trouble. But he provides vital analysis of the shield gauge when in boss battles.

Enemy shield analyzed.

Peppy Hare

Peppy once fought alongside Fox's father James, and continues to serve valiantly with the Star Fox team. He offers up valuable battle tips, and has a keen eye for enemy weak points.

You're becoming more like your father.

Falco Lombardi

Falco is a stellar pilot, and he knows it—his arrogance can be a bit overbearing. But his keen eye greatly increases Star Fox team's chance of finding alternate routes in select stages.

Go find your own target, Fox!

General Pepper

With years of battle experience in the Lylat system, General Pepper commands the Cornerian army and enlists the Star Fox team to decimate the threat from Dr. Andross.

Dr. Andross

Once exiled to the desolate planet Venom, this evil scientist has made the planet his homebase, and seeks to invade the Lylat system with his massive army.

Star Wolf Team

The evil ying to Star Fox team's yang, this fearsome foursome of mercenary pilots have been recruited by Andross to hinder the progress of Fox and his team.

R.O.B. 64

R.O.B. 64 is the cybernetic pilot of Star Fox team's transport ship, the Great Fox. He dispenses advice during training sessions, and can drop life-saving items into the field in the heat of battle.

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