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Basic Controls

Flying, diving, and turning with the Arwing and other vehicles can all be performed with ease using the Nintendo 3DS system's Circle Pad.

basic controls

gyro controls

Gyro Controls

For a more immersive experience, opt for gyro controls to enjoy some seriously precise flying by physically moving your Nintendo 3DS system.


Quick Turns

In a pinch? Holding the L and R Buttons while turning can get your ship around tight spaces more quickly, and aid in evasive maneuvering.

Somersaults and U-Turns

Aerial acrobats can use the boost and brake functions to perform these advanced techniques. A somersault bewilders foes in hot pursuit, positioning you right behind them for a surprise attack. A U-turn lets you change course in style while in all-range mode.


Charge Shots and Homing Shots

Hold down your trigger Button to charge up the Arwing cannon for a powerful blast of energy. If an enemy enters your sights while charging, the reticle will lock on, unleashing a pesky homing shot that they'll have a heck of a time shaking off.

Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll! A double tap of either the L or R Buttons performs this action. When timed properly it can be a true lifesaver, deflecting enemy fire from the ship.

  • Experience the Star Fox Saga

    The Main Game mode lets you step into the shoes of Fox McCloud and save the Lylat system from Andross' evil clutches. Do you have what it takes?

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  • Go fo an Astronomical Score

    In Score Attack mode, you can test your skills in any completed stage. Sharp shooting skill and a heavy trigger finger are required to down the number of foes needed to earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal.

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